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Archive for November 2nd, 2011

Baby Shower Gift Ideas – Gifts for Baby Girls

What is a good choice of baby shower gifts for a new baby girl? There are so many cute baby products available it can be difficult to choose the perfect gift. diaper cakes baby shower centerpieces

Baby Showers – Great Ideas

Baby showers are a celebration in anticipation of the newborn. Close friends give the mother to be this wonderful party. Baby showers allow family and friends to give gifts for the new baby, play games, feast and enjoy the celebration together. baby shower cakes diaper cakes

Choosing A Theme For Your Baby Shower

People who are organizing their first baby shower may feel at a loss over exactly how to get started. With so many different considerations to make in the course of party planning, an ideal baby shower may feel like an unattainable goal for some timid first-timers. baby shower cakes diaper cakes

Five Weirdest Cravings During a Pregnancy

Although a pregnancy is an extremely joyful and interesting time for a woman, its is also a very new (and perhaps strange) experience for a woman. Excluding the hormonal effects of feeling depressed, stressed out, and uneasy about things, a pregnant woman will be introduced to a whole new world of unfulfilled desires, more commonly known as cravings. baby shower cakes centerpieces

How to Throw a Themed Baby Shower

Throwing a baby shower is an important undertaking and one which is honored by both the mother-to-be and the guests. One of the trendiest things to do these days is to throw a baby shower with a themed twist to it. If you are not sure what to do in order to get a great themed baby shower in the making, this handy and quick guide will help you. baby shower cakes diaper cakes

Damask Baby Shower

For a particularly elegant and sophisticated baby shower, consider decorating with damask decor. We offer some simple instructions to create or purchase your damask decorations. baby shower cakes diaper cakes

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