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Archive for November 2nd, 2011

Baby – Proofing a House Cheaply

Babyproofing will keep your new baby safe when you’re not looking. Learn about tips to babyproof your home safely, including how to protect your child in the nursery and the rest of the house. centerpieces baby shower cakes

Your Baby’s Sleeping Environment

Your newborn baby needs a safe and comfortable sleeping environment in their first few months; having these also helps you catch up on the sleep you’ve been missing out on. We have put together some tips keeping safety in mind to help you and your baby sleep happily and healthy. There are important factors to consider in your baby’s sleeping environment. diaper cakes baby shower cakes

Olian Maternity Provides Great Clothing Options For Pregnant Women

Sleep is so incredibly needed both during and after pregnancy, so it is of the utmost importance to do everything to attain as much as possible. One area that expectant and new mothers often forget to consider is their sleep wardrobe. If something is too hot, too cold, too tight, itchy or just does not make one feel one’s best, it does not allow for that perfect night’s sleep. Having a great pair of maternity (more…)

Pediatricians To Begin Warning Parents Of The Threat Of Crib Bumpers

Crib bumpers have been receiving a lot of negative attention lately. In most recent news the American Academy of Pediatrics is advising against the use of crib bumpers. This means you will soon be getting this advice from your pediatrician. diaper cakes baby shower cakes

Going The Extra Mile In Choosing A Handy and Unique Baby Gift Set

The expectation of a newborn baby either by the parents or well-wishers is a very joyful and exciting moment. As part of the preparation, you might want to buy some baby gift sets. baby shower cakes diaper cakes

10 Ways To Be a Terrific Parent!

Every parent’s hope and desire for their child is for him or her to be happy and successful in life. However, the reality is that despite the good intentions of parents, many of today’s children are being neglected and not properly lead that will put them on that path to success. diaper cakes baby shower centerpieces

What Are Your Options For Baby Shower Favors?

Baby showers are a time for showering a new mother with gifts and love. The event is usually organized by a close family member or friend of the mother to be and, as a thank you for attending the shower, Baby shower favors are often given to the guests as a reminder of the special day. diaper cakes baby shower cakes

Plan Interesting and Informative Kids Activities – Kid’s Coloring Page

Many researches show that children who learn through painting and coloring are able to concentrate more on the tasks in their later years. It helps sharpen their memory. They also learn the discipline of sitting for a while, completing the task and doing things exactly the way they are asked to do. diaper cakes baby shower centerpieces

2 Tips for Choosing the Best First Food for Your Baby

Starting solid foods is an exciting time for babies — and their parents! It can also be a time that makes parents nervous, though. How do you know you’re choosing the right food for your baby? Here are two tips to help you: diaper cakes baby shower centerpieces

6 Rules for Avoiding Harmful Eating During Pregnancy

The more we are begging to know about our foods and what chemicals are going in them and on them the more fearful we become as mothers. Transfats, saturated fats, unpasteurized milks, reconstituted corn syrup, genetically modified soy bean, mercury in fish, pesticides on fruits, sugar, salts; it is virtually impossible o understand what a mother should eat. baby shower cakes centerpieces

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