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Archive for October 31st, 2011

Why Does School Label My Child Disabled Or Handicapped?

Everyone is different, each with strengths and weaknesses in different areas of skills or interests. Since children mature at different rates and different times, educators have to think of what the “average” can do or learn for each grade level. This does not mean that all or even most children learn what teachers expect of them, but it does mean that they could. centerpieces baby shower cakes

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy Results in Greater Comfort and Safer Births

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is an important ingredient in your pre-natal care choices. Most pregnant women experience back discomfort and/or pain during their pregnancy. On-going chiropractic care throughout pregnancy may relieve and can even prevent the common discomforts experienced during pregnancy. baby shower cakes centerpieces

Giraffe Baby Shower Planning

Baby showers are an excellent chance to show off your creative decorating skills, and what better way to do so than by throwing a giraffe themed shower? Giraffes are gender neutral, so it’s not necessary to know the sex of the baby. We offer tips to create the perfect giraffe baby shower. baby shower cakes centerpieces

Working Mom Home Schedule Management and Child Raising Tips

Tips for maintaining Work-Life balance for working moms For working moms managing family is a second shift after work. It becomes like a staggering task to attend to kids after eight hours of work. Juggling between work and home is not easy. centerpieces baby shower cakes

Parenting Techniques – Four Tips to Support Your Children to Excel

When I was a young child I saw the world from a completely different perspective. My parents seemed to lack parenting techniques. They were very poor and did not get on very well (they eventually divorced). I missed out on a number of different things – parties, friends, after school clubs etc because we could not afford to travel there. However, by far the most difficult issue was the fact that I was struggling with (more…)