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Archive for October 27th, 2011

It’s All in the Communication With Autism

Communication is what makes us, as humans, unique. We use our communication in many ways; to have our needs met, but also to share experiences with others. Communication isn’t just about what we say verbally but it’s also about how we communicate non-verbally with each other. This article will focus on verbal communication and we shall explore non verbal communication another time. baby shower cakes centerpieces

Ideas for Choosing a Baby Boy Gift

Shopping for a baby boy gift for a close friend or relative can be difficult because you want to choose a gift that is practical as well as adorable. With all the new and unique products available it can make choosing a baby boy gift a tough decision. How do you choose the perfect gift the parents will not only love but will be useful? baby shower cakes diaper cakes

5 Fantastic Foods for Breastfeeding

You know that breast milk is best for your baby and you’re happy to be nursing. Just like during pregnancy, your own nutrition has a big impact on what your baby gets. Your body always produces quality milk, but what you eat can increase the nutrition of your milk even more. Here are 5 super foods to add to your diet while you’re nursing your baby. diaper cakes baby shower centerpieces

Born Free Glass Bottles – Are They Really The Best?

Born Free glass bottles are considered by many to be the best option for feeding your baby. They are totally BPA free, leak proof and have a unique venting system that helps prevent colic. What more could you want for your baby? diaper cakes baby shower centerpieces

A Healthy Diet Before Pregnancy Minimises Risks of Birth Defects

When a mother is properly nourished so will her growing baby. Though many factors can be involved in the occurrence of birth defects, it is good to take to heart that making healthy dietary choices will have an impact on the health of your baby. Between 17 and 56 days the embryo is most susceptible to influences such as drugs and disease, which can interfere with normal growth. baby shower cakes centerpieces

It’s Your Birth: Be Aware, Alert and Active

Your upcoming labor and birth is a huge event in your life — one you can look forward to with joy. You may also feel a little apprehension when you think about going into labor, however. Will you be able to handle the contractions? Will everything be okay for you and your baby? These feelings are totally normal. The good news is you can do a lot to make your baby’s birth the experience you (more…)

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